My Story - Taking the Scenic Route

I’m a Seattle photographer -- and also, a dreamer, an explorer, crafter, homebody, introvert, social butterfly, storyteller, podcast listener, avid reader and hopeless romantic. I love to tell stories with my images, but first, I’ll tell you mine with some pictures and words.


First Stop: Into the Woods We Go...

Like all teenage girls, I dreamed of having a summer romance in an exotic location, one that would sweep me off my feet and change the course of my life forever. One fateful summer, while all of my friends were at band camp or out canoeing and sleeping in tents, I was at photography camp. A dashing Canon Rebel swept me off my feet and the two of us were soon inseparable -- you could say, we just clicked. But things got really hot and heavy in the darkroom -- this is where the chemistry of dodging, burning, and experimenting with developer, stop bath and fixer helped me turn captured light into works of art. As I hung my first prints to dry, I was head over heels -- and still am today.


Second stop: A whirlwind tour -- of Ohio and Texas...

Like all romances, after wedding and the end credits rolled, was time to get real. If I was going to make a go at a career in photography, I had to learn the trade and master my craft -- and all of this went down as the industry transitioned into digital. I am blessed to have met incredible mentors along the way -- my village, in both analog and digital photography -- these artists showed me the ways endless ways photography could tell stories, including: fine art, journalism, business and portraits.


I landed my first job with one of the top wedding photographer in Houston, Texas. I ran the office, edited and assisted on shoots; I worked with brides, did lots of the heavy lifting, and eventually became a second photographer to ensure no special moment was missed.


Next Stop: Finding my way home….

After moving to Seattle, I assisted any photographer who would take me on -- these shoots were for fine restaurants, local magazines, and even a frozen food company. Portrait, architecture and wedding photography? “Bring it on,” I said, and did they ever. I was exhausted by the schedules and enthralled with the work. But soon, I knew it was time to strike out on my own.


I decided to focus on what I loved best -- capturing magic moments in people’s lives year-round. This includes portrait and family photography. In recent years, I have added business photography to my portfolio as well. The setting is different, but my approach remains the same -- to get people to relax, stay in the moment, and be themselves.


Final stop: where I am and who I am right now…

So this is me. You’ll find me most days out in the field with clients or at my computer editing away.


When I'm not photographing people I like to create things -- jewelry, watercolors, and I’m learning to hand letter.


I'm a total introvert but I think this helps me connect with my clients as I listen to what they need -- if they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, we can stop, relax, and talk freely about what makes them uneasy -- and before you know it -- they’re comfortable.


So, why me?

Well, it’s all about chemistry. Do we click or not? You want to find someone who is as passionate about telling your story as you are living it.


One of my favorite things about what I do is that every day I get to meet someone new and hear their story. I get to learn about what they do at work, what they do for fun and what they are passionate about. I love telling the stories of my clients. If it is for a business portrait, do you want to look friendly and approachable, wise and knowledgeable, or strong and powerful? For families where do you like to hang out, what do you like to do together? I want every single client to have a fun and amazing experience during their session so that they have images they are excited about. Whether they want to hang a family portrait in their family room or if they need a business portrait for their website.


Care to get to know me more? Good! Because I would love to get to know you too. When you’re ready to discuss all of the possibilities for your next photo shoot, give me a call!

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Nicole is a Seattle based

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